3 Kitchen Appliances I Couldn’t Live Without

I still remember the times when my mother was busy in the kitchen, and she managed to cook a hearty meal for our entire family using nothing but a cutting board, a simple knife (not a chef’s one, or anything like that), and a pot. Now, I must say that while I still have fond memories of those times, I am more than grateful for the plethora of kitchen appliances we have around us for making our lives easier. Now, I want to tell you all about the kitchen appliance I seriously cannot live without.


The first on my list is a food processor. I know that it is not rocket science to slice and dice vegetables, but a food processor is so much better than my hands, and it is also extremely fast. Not to mention that slicing onions no longer has to bring tears to my eyes. I use my devoted food processor for most recipes I prepare. Personally, I prefer a model that comes with multiple functions, and this is what I have at home. Whether I am in the mood for a salad, or I need to chop veggies for a stew or soup, my food processor does all the heavy lifting for me, and I am very grateful for it.


The next on my list may sound like a surprise, but it is something I enjoy having in my kitchen because it helps me cook one of my favorite dishes with very little effort. I am talking about a quesadilla maker. If you have never heard of such a thing, I am happy to help you learn about it.


A quesadilla maker is a simple kitchen appliance that helps you make the famous Mexican dish fast and easy. All you need are some tortillas, and the ingredients you usually like in your quesadillas, such as shredded chicken meat and grated cheese. Here is how this works. You plug in the quesadilla maker, you let it heat up (mine lets me know when it is ready by turning on an indicator light), and place one tortilla on the bottom cooking plate.



You spread the ingredients on top of the tortilla and you complete with another. You press the top cooking plate over, and you lock the lid. In about 5 minutes, the quesadillas are ready. My unit parts the tortillas into wedges, and they are so delicious when hot. I make quesadillas almost every day, before leaving for work and I am in love with this dish and my quesadilla maker.

The last item I want to mention is a toaster. When I am not in the mood for a quesadilla, I prefer having some fresh toast. It helps me put together breakfast quite fast, and it is also healthier than other alternatives.


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