5 Ways to Use Lemon to Clean Your Entire Home


Did you know the old saying “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? I have a bunch of other ideas on what to do with lemons, if you happen upon some extra supply of the citrusy fruit. I personally prefer cleaning my home using easy to make, non-toxic, substances, and lemons come right into my way of making things.

One thing I use lemons for is for cleaning shower doors. In case I need to finish quickly with the cleaning, here is what I do: I cut a lemon in half and I rub it over the areas where hard water stains have made their nasty appearance. I can tell you that this solution works wonders, because all the gunk is quickly dissolved. Plus, your bathroom will smell great! In case you have a bit more time, I suggest squeezing lemon juice on a sponge and rub the more difficult spots. There is no way you will not do a great job this way.

Lemon juice is great for cleaning your dishwasher, too. No matter how religious one is about cleaning their dishwasher, in time, an unpleasant smell will start to develop. Here is what I do. I squeeze enough lemon juice in a cup which I place on the bottom rack. Then I run one rinse cycle and I dry away the nasty smells in no time! Your dishwasher will be pristine clean once more and it will also smell pretty nice.



Have you run out of bleach? Maybe it is the right time to consider that you are spending way too much money on this cleaning and whitening agent and you are not that pleased with its toxic content, either. If that is the case, just add half a cup of lemon juice to your laundry, when you run the rinsing cycle. You will be more than pleased with the results.

Air cleaners that are sold commercially are not good for your health. They are loaded with toxic compounds, and in time, they can really lower the air quality in your home. Instead, use lemon juice, mixed with cloves that is brought to a simmer and then poured into a spray bottle. Just spray a little of this natural air freshener around the house, and you will be more than pleased with how fresh and wonderful your home will smell.

Make your own furniture polish from lemon juice, lemon oil and a bit of vegetable oil. The entire furniture will shine and it will not attract dust as easily. Mix two tablespoons of juice with 10 drops of essential oil and half a cup of olive oil. Put everything into a spray bottle and use it next time you do the cleaning. Use a soft piece of cloth for wiping, and enjoy a clean home that smells wonderful.