Since forever, I have been a person with a deep love for culture, and everything related, which is why I decided that it would be a good idea for me to start a blog. My name is Diane and besides a culture lover, I am also a mother, and a person with lots of ideas on how to keep a home clean and how to cook all kinds of delicious treats for my family.

I think I have always been passionate about meeting and getting to know new people, in all the aspects of their lives, hence my love for culture in general. I am a genuinely curious person, so I love spending time learning about other people’s customs, art, religion and everything in between. Being a mom, however, means many responsibilities, and I can no longer spend as much time as I want getting to learn about other cultures. Nonetheless, I found that there are ways of blending all the aspects of my life, so I can keep my passion alive, without having it interfere with my role as a mom.

For instance, now I love learning about all kinds of recipes from the international cuisine, and I try them at home. I can honestly say that I am a pretty decent home cook and that there are very few recipes that I haven’t quite nailed right from the start. It is extremely interesting to see how other people are using spices, or how the perfect dessert looks on their tables, and what customs they associate with different foods. This is where I believe I am capable of improving my knowledge on different cultures, while I manage to do something good for my family, too.

In a house with kids, cleaning is also a challenge. As a believer in all things simple and straightforward, I think the home cleaning should be addressed with a can-do attitude, and, of course, the right tools. That is why you will find in the pages of my blog some – really great, I hope – ideas for keeping a house clean. Occasionally, I will tell you all about a new home cleaning appliance I purchase, just to give you an idea if it is worth buying or not. For me, it is extremely important to make things simple, and cleaning an entire home is one of these things. Therefore, you can rest assured that I will not spend my time on cleaning items that do not work as intended.

Now that we are properly acquainted, I hope you will choose to spend some time reading my blog. I also look forward to hearing from you, in case you have extra tips and tricks on home cleaning, home organizing or trying new recipes, you would like sharing.