Great products that can help you cope with asthma and allergies

Having a loved one suffering from asthma or if you yourself are suffering from it means that you have to make sure that your home is on point so that their/your life is comfortable and safe. So, in this post, I decided to open up to you and share my thoughts on what I personally do to keep an eye out on the factors that might trigger any unfortunate asthma attack. Because I feel like no additional thoughts are needed, I will cut straight to the point and discuss what I consider to be the best products that ease the process of coping with this illness.  

We all know that the biggest enemy of an asthma patient is dust. Even now, after growing up, I can still remember my mother’s saying that “a clean carpet means clean air” and I couldn’t agree more with her! So, the best decisions you can make is to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. And, given the high sensibility of asthma patients, the safest bet is, hands down, a vacuum outfitted with a HEPA filter. Capable of retaining up to 99.97% of the dust particles and prevent them from reentering the air flow of the room, this type of vacuum reduces the potential allergens in your home and makes it safer!


Also, it has been proven that chemical scents are also common asthma triggers. However, nowadays, all cleaning products are strikingly scented. And, let’s be honest, playing the trial and error strategy when choosing products that you or your loved ones are unreactive at, is certainly not the road you want to take. So, here’s my tip for you: go for products that are either unscented or search for products with the asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification Mark as it will save you both time and money!

Last but not least, invest in an indoor air filter. Such a device will definitely make it easier for asthma patients and it will be highly appreciated. Although it is uncertain if this kind of appliances is able to actually prevent such an illness, given the fact that they are designed with asthma patients’ needs in mind it is safe to say that they are able to create comfortable surroundings by removing allergens from the air. However, keep in mind that such air cleaners have a major con- they produce ozone, a substance proven harmful for humans.


All in all, I hope that my advice will help you and your families in the fight against this fast spreading illness. I hope that implementing my suggestions will aid creating safer living conditions that are fitting even to those less lucky. And, don’t forget, prevention is easier than treatment so,try to take good care of yourself and your house.




Electric Brooms – Corded Vs Cordless

With science and technology burgeoning so rapidly, we moved from ordinary brooms to the electronic brooms and soon to the cordless brooms. The cordless brooms sound fascinating and your eyes will immediately start twinkling with the mere thought of the convenience it will  bring. But, on the very same note, you might also wonder whether it is a good idea to shift to the cordless brooms or not.

Well, to get you directed over the right path and give a clear idea on what type of broom would be best for you, we present here a comparison on this hot debate.

On Convenience

Well obviously, cordless brooms will score more in this category ( People generally recommend the ones from Electrolux). As they are ‘cordless’ they are easier to carry around and clean, unlike the electric brooms with cords with which you remain restricted only to the area that comes under the range of the cord.

So if you have big rooms with less switch boards, go for cordless!


On Power

On the grounds of power the cordless fails to defeat corded brooms. Cordless brooms require to be charged, they will run off  batteries and hence cannot supply consistent stream of power. Whereas, corded brooms use direct electricity and therefore will never run out of charge unless you have a power failure.

Hence you can opt for a cordless broom only if your cleaning durations are small.

On Strength and Capacity

Since cordless brooms are battery driven, therefore are not as good in suction as electrically driven corded brooms.

If you don’t have small kids or pets to mess around all the time, and do not require heavy cleaning very often, then you can opt for a cordless broom. If not then it will be wise to stick to the corded brooms.

Talking about the capacity, the dirt holding capacity of a cordless broom is comparatively lesser than that of a corded broom and hence a cordless broom will require frequent emptying.

Both, cordless & corded electric brooms have their own pros and cons and the choice should be made only on the type of usage you have.

So choose wisely and stay mess-free!!