My Favorite Quick Recipes


Balancing a busy schedule is not an easy feat, as I well know. However, that does not mean that you should just settle for eating takeout, or gobble on cereals and junk food, instead of eating a home cooked meal. I will share with you a few of my favorite recipes that do not take a lot of time to prepare.



One of the easiest things to make in the morning, when you are pressed for time is a simple omelet, or better yet, scrambled eggs. Just whisk 2 or 3 eggs in a bowl, with a bit of salt and pepper, and add anything else you may like such as a shredded bacon, or grated cheese. Use a non-stick pan if you want to avoid getting too much fat in your diet, and pour the eggs and everything else inside the pan. In just a few minutes, your omelet is ready, and you can enjoy a full fledged breakfast without worrying about wasting time.


Another breakfast meal I prepare quite often is a quick quesadilla. I use leftovers from a fried chicken and a bit of grated cheese, and I make sure always to have tortillas in the freezer. To make this fast, I use my quesadilla maker that makes all the ingredients mingle together in such a manner that I doubt I have ever tasted a more delicious treat even in a Mexican restaurant.


Pasta is, of course, the kind of dish you can prepare quite quickly and I am really in love with this Italian recipe. This is the type of food you can eat in the afternoon, for lunch, although I do not put it beyond me to serve it in the evenings, too. The best part about pasta is that you can pretty much combine it with everything you like. If you like something simple, just mix your pasta with tomato sauce and pick your favorite seasoning. This is a light, yet filling meal that will give you energy for a few more hours, if you eat it for lunch, and will not make your digestion difficult if you choose it for evenings.



I am a big fan of Mexican cuisine, and I guess that shows in my choice of recipes. Chicken fajitas score high on my list when it comes to preparing a quick dinner that I will know for sure that others will enjoy as much as I do. I season my chicken strips with cumin, chili powder, pepper and salt and I cook in a cast iron skillet for about 7 minutes, with a bit of oil. In the same pot, I sauté mushrooms, onions, and garlic for 5 or 6 minutes. I place everything on plates, and this is my quick dinner that does not have me miss my favorite TV show.